Android app emulator in v4


I have no idea where to start here. I need to integrate 3-4 apps into a vvvv show.

is there a possibility to integrate into v4 android apps and to change this. has anyone integrated the android emulator in v4? or should I look for windows apps?

also the question how I could open from v4 skype and start a stream to a defined adress?

a lot of questions about integrating other tools, perhaps someone can give me a direction…


How about capture the output from the device with capturing card? Then videoin and then display it on a quad. Or HTML texture can integrate some stuff too, with little tweaking the code to experiment with enabling plugins… If you need also to send input, then can get tricky.

ok, capturing sound good.

I can send keyboard and mouse input via Share KM (keboard & mouse) to an android device. perhaps I can develop a android service to start apps and trigger the mouse an key events. I should ask this in an android forum.

has anyone experience with VNC servers on Androids? that would also be a way to control and show apps on a device. how can I implement the VNC window in v4 and is it possible to send mousepositions to the VNC server?