Analysing sound from onboard soundcard

Is it possible to analyse sound from the computers internal soundcard? Or is it only possible to use the cards microphone in?


use “AudioIn” to get soundcard data

use “Record Selector” to select Microphone in or other sources

use “FFT” to analyze the audio

thanks ampop, microphone is working fine with AudioIn.

i now want to analyse the onboard soundcard output

cant see RecordSelector! do you mean change AudioRecordSelector? Its only pin says Device(nil).

thanks again,

yes, thats the one. It sets the analog input, from which your soundcard takes the signal for recording.
You can do the same with the “record” page of the windows sound control panel.

Its only pin says Device(nil).
this sounds like a driver issue. What chipset do you have?
Do you think your soundcard works fine in other applications?
Is another app using the soundcard, so that vvvv can not open it?

are you using an USB microphone?

heh oschatz, thank for the reply…

the soundcard is a ‘Realtek HD’

The card works fine in other apps yes and no other apps are using it while a run 4v

and no im not using a USB mic.

AudioIn sees the soundcard fine however,

anything else i can try?

Set up the record prefs in windows, to stereo mix, and see if that works?

it is occuring to me that the AudioRecordSelector misses a “Driver” pin. this is a bug, as there might be situations where you do want specify the driver which should be set.

So therefore i think vvvv will always use the “default” audio driver (check the audio property page in the windows sounds control panel) (i havent checked the code - it might even use an arbitrary audio driver). perhaps there is a second audio device in your system which has no recording possibilities, so there are showing up nil audio input devices.

but of course you could always use the windows recording panel to set your audio input to something other than MIC - as catweasel was suggesting

thanks cat & oschatz for your time:

yep setting the volume button to stereo mix on the Audio tab of the Sound and Audio Device Properties in Control Panel… seems to get it working :)

thanks thanks!