Anaglyph red cyan again

hi guys, sorry, to Repost, for some reason i can´t reply the old threads,
i still working with Anaglyph patch and i cant make it work properly…

i have Anaglyph (EX9) .woei__0 (1).rar
and anaglyph_pack (1).zip

it seems to work, but the 3d its like, not there… on the demo with several boxes (forum:anaglyph-patch)
if you look close , the 3d is minimun, by moving the paralax pin you can see the red/cyan borders over the boxes, but the distance of those colors are the same on all the boxes, no mater the position of the camera, of the z position of the composition, or the sacale…

if you have a box in Z=0 it should be “white”, if the box its near the camera Z=3, a red border should be on the right side, and if the box its far away from the camera Z=-5 for example, the cyan border should be on the right side and the red on the left side… i already try all the example files and the 3d depth its not working properly

im tring to rebuild the patch myself but im having the same issues

3dvvvvv.v4p (30.3 kB)

The point of interest should be the same for both “eyes”, you have them looking at slightly different places. Also, remove the “fix 2 quads” or set it to zero. Then set your parallax down to about .01 and it works fine for me.