An user login status can be different between main site and forum

This morning I need to login into

but not into

Two different cookies? Anyway, while I can’t really remember what happened, I don’t have the “feeling” that I had to login to the new forums.

Hi H99,

this is a bit complicated, but I’ll try to explain. The discourse and our main site do not share a cookie. If you click login on the discourse page, it will do a so-called oauth request to the main page and try to authenticate you. If you’re logged in to at this point, it will just redirect you back and from your perspective you will only see being instantly logged into the forum. If you log out of the forum, you will still be logged in to If you log out of, the page will try to log you out of the forum in a background call, which should usually work. If your login session on expires, it may still be possible that you’re logged in to the forum. The other way around is also possible.

So basically there are a few ways in which you can end up being in a different state in the forum and on If you want to make sure you’ve logged out of both, you should visit both pages. Needless to say: If you work on a clients computer and want privacy, just use the icognito function of the browser and you shouldn’t have to worry about this stuff :)

I hope this helps.

It’s just me, but it feels strange: I’d say that one doesn’t think to be on the same platform\website… You may browse third level websites and the log status is consistent. I think that this is actually the first time I see this (but I’m not certainly a relevant sample, that’s clear).
Then again you guys may have something in the oven and we have just to wait to see what’s next.
Thank you for your time.

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