AMD graphics card bugs


There are two bugs related to the graphics card (Radeon ™ PRO WX 8200) I use. It seems that it is in general an issue with AMD graphics cards. With any nvidia, none of these are appearing.

  1. The ColorPerInstance Node is not working. It is not possible to provide the right colors. They are appearing greyish.

  2. SkiaRenderer and SkiaTexture are not working. There is already a thread about this: SkiaRenderer not working since 3.0. Is there is no solution for this yet?

I tried it with vvvv_gamma_2021.3.3 and vvvv_gamma_2021.4.0-0228-g08ab6ffbaf

Is there currently any way to deal with these errors?

this should be fixed now, please try the latest preview. see the linked thread.

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