Ambient Oclusion breaks at higher resolution

It seems if you use a higher (>HD) resolution the AO PostFX breaks, like not just noisiness or something but properly broken.

You can see the behavior if you set a scene window to a large size, or render to texture and set the resolution higher.

Any idea? The patch here is the debugPostFX one, but will present in any patch with AO as far as I can tell.

Here’s another shot with shadows turned off. I’ve set the AO intensity to 1.0 just to make it clear

Here’s demo. We need to use this quite urgently, so if it’s not a fixer upper we’ll have to write our own which would like to avoid obviously.
StrideAOBug.vl (45.8 KB)

Got it, was the hash function.


Awesome, Thanks @tebjan. Looks a little better in general now as well \o/

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