Always open Nodebrowser(s)

Convenience idea/suggestion:

In addition to the double-click (on-demand) Node browser it could be helpful to have separate always open Node browser windows where you can browse/up down categories. From these you could also drag-n-drop a node onto a patch.

It would aid in having an overview of a category of nodes visible related to what you are working on. If you are for example building a GUI with Elementa or patching Skia graphics you could have those categories open so you can both see what’s available and more quickly be able to add nodes without having to browse categories.

A related suggestion (if not already implemented, just that I’m ignorant/new to gamma) would be to be able to toggle the double click Node browser storing it’s category state between invocations.


we have this in vvvv beta and are planning to have this again with gamma. as mentioned previously, the nodebrowser will see an overhaul at some point that will include this feature.
i’m afraid for now there isn’t a way to have the nodebrowser store its category between invocations.

Ok. I didn’t even know of this feature in vvvv beta so that’s good to know.

Ctrl+N for those who have also missed it

Shouldn’t it also be in the Main Menu?

You can open the SolutionExplorer (CTRL+J) to browse files and their content. you can also open multiple of them.

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