Alternative to Kinect one?

Hi folks!
Since the kinect project is discontinued… is it worthy to buy one? What are the (relatively cheap ) alternatives we have to depth sensing? I’m from Argentina but eventually could get someone to bring me something from amazon or some other store from berlin.

current alternatives are:

which are all supported in vvvv via:

Actually there is a new Kinect out, the Azure Kinect. Just got mine yesterday. Costs $400 and I think is only available right now in the US and China:

Plusses are it is smaller than the K2, has no interface box, fabulous depth performance, high res RGB camera, and very cool feature: multiple cameras can by synced!

Minuses are still needs power (but just a USB supply), and skeleton tracking is no better and lower FPS than the K2 (at least their demo) and requires at least a GTX 1070 GPU.

It is a time-of-flight camera like the K2, so doubtful it will work well in daylight, have not tested yet. Another plus for some folks is it is supported under Linux! And no, nothing “Azure” is required to use it.

So has anyone gotten the Azure Kinect to work in vvvv/VL yet?

@parabola you can get cheap used K2s in the US at Gamestop (now about $40) and do a direct-wire power supply to get rid of the interface box, but my current favorite is the Intel RealSense DS435 - small, USB powered (single cable), and works in full daylight to full darkness.


Does the Azure Kinect have the same level of support by Microsoft and other software vendors as Kinect v2? I’m curious because the old v2 was supported by programs such as the Skanect and Artec Studio to get the best scanning results. i heard that you can use Faro software also. Have you tried it?

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