Alternative browser/render engine for HTML renderer?

I was wondering if the HTML renderer has a way to select an alternative broswer/render engine than Internet Explorer? Maybe somebody one wrote a Chromium wrapper for VVVV or something along those ways?

I’ve tried searching for it, but i haven’t found it so far.

hei upton,

something is cooking in that direction…but may still take a while…

hi joreg, if you could include inside the activeX things ( still troubles with webcam whiteflashing when passed as dx9 texture), it would be GREAT !

bumpity bump.

Is this possible yet?

edit: and does this currently use the most recent version of IE installed on the system?

edit 2: does anyone know who made this? I may need some modifications in exchange for cash :)

now, see: htmltexture-(ex9.texture)