Alpha36.1 Font enum not initialsing as beta 36


Text_Sub.v4p (4.8 KB)

This patch opens in beta36 with arial as the font, in alpha its 18th century, the first font in the list
Its seems the font isnt specified in the xml, so its a defaults thing I presume.

the patch you uploaded does not have the font-iobox shown in the screenshot. can you re-check?

I added the iobox for screenshot purposes to show the issue, try opening in 36 and 36.1 and it should show the issue, ie defaults have somehow changed. (I will check dx11 is the same version though, maybe its that)

ok, then we can clearly say it is the enums default that changed. since the font pin does not have any value saved in the .v4p (which is the default), that means the fonts default is choosen. so that must have changed.

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