I have attached a test patch that I am working with to understand how alpha/transparency work within vvvv. I’m using GlobalRenderState, mostly as it came from the help patch. The Sphere (DX9) in the patch uses a PNG file texture that has an alpha channel set. The alpha channel seems to be handled correctly using the “SrcAlpha/One” blend mode combination that the patch is set to as default. However the yellow area (non-alpha) of the sphere shows the blue quad texture bleeding thru. Is there an option/method that would make the non-alpha portion totally opaque?

Also, I would like the texture to be mapped onto both sides of the Sphere (DX9) object - as well as the Quad and Segment objects. So would expect to be able to see the texture via looking thru the sliced area on the back of the sphere, and would also hope to see the “inside” texture of the sphere showing thru the transparent areas of the “outer” texture. Is there a way to achieve this?

Thanks much. (113.0 kB)

have a look over here:

and search thru the forum, this topic has been discussed here sometimes before…

Thanks. Looks like setting the cull node to “None” took care of the “inside/outside” drawing issue. That’s 80% of the battle. And looking at West’s Leaf Trail Generator patch - - more in depth helped me to understand the transparency issues a bit more. Now I just need to understand/figure out the additive blending issue.