Alpha problem on SceneTexture

I’m trying to write Frames to disk. When Using JPG, it works fine, but I’d like to use un- or less compressed file format like png or tiff. I’m having some trouble with a semi transparent texture and I don’t know where the alpha information is comming from. The fuse particle system itself doesn’t have alpha, the clear color is without alpha. Saving these images with alpha is resulting in a loss of most color information. In the screenshot you can see the transparency in the preview to the left, should look like in the stride renderwindow to the right. using bmp would work but i would need to convert afterwards.
plus, using this texture for skia for example is resulting in the same problem.

any ideas? is this maybe only fuse related? I’m still learning.

Maybe try to disable PostFX.

Thanks Björn. It was indeed the PostFX, to be precise, it was FXAA-Antialiasing.

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