Aligning RGB and Depth Kinect2

hei @rogalag , thank you for the patch.

i have a question how to get a result like evan? i already combine it with rgb but the result always have a red color in front of the rgb.

[solved it using color channel remap]

thank you

I try to align the HD RGB stream on a mesh I created with Mesh(DX11 Pointcloud).
The mesh is based on a preprocessed version of the depth channel.

So I guess I basicly need the exact opposite of the FilterAllToRGB shader @antokhio posted earlier.
Like FilterRGBtoAll. Is this somewhere hidden inside “kinect toolbox” or did I oversee something?

fyi: I am trying to marry Kinect2 with SuperPhysical, DOF and maybe SSAO. I try to get a visual representation that is as close to reality as possible - to start messing with mesh and texture from this point.

I will add the patch (based on older version of SuperPhysical), to show the problem only (I guess it will show alot red)
It was living in 03 SuperPhysical - SCENE folder which I did not copy into packs. Any additional TFX have been added right to this folder (in a bad manner). (15.2 KB)

One addition: It seems as if the RGB and depth stream are not perfectly in sync. The timestamps differ for sure, depending on your hardware - and even cable - there can also be dropped frames. You can try to work against this with Framedelay (DX11 Texture 2D) by vux.

Here Meier you can rip it off here

kinect (1.7 KB)

it’s a little bit more extended version, i use to send kinect over network.
right now it writes world tex to rgb and kinect rgb to alpha
you can remove world and keep only projected rgb there…

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