Align kinect skeleton with rgb and depth image


I want to align the skeleton with the RGB and Depth streams. The openNI node does come with a switch to turn on registration between depth and rgb. the microsoft sdk does have functions to transform coordinates between the coordinate systems but as far as I have seen, there is nothing in the nodes. Has anyone done this in vvvv?


you can take 2d points from MS SDK.
also you can use node Perspective (Transform Kinect), so when you connect it to a renderer in theory you have same perspective as kinect, so then you need to position you rgb and depth quads, or you can do a trick with z-write…

thanks for your reply. I cannot find a node that provides 2d skeleton points.
Perspective (Transform Kinect) connected to the renderer worked to align the joint data with the depth stream. the microsoft nodes rgb image still needs a non linear transformation to fit the depth and skeleton. whats the trick with z write?

hi all, looking around on the forum i’m searching the same solution. basically aligning depth map (and player) with rgb. but seems that nobody has a solution for this. i saw on the kinect node (ms) 2 interesting output pins: “color fovxy” and “depth fovxy”…
is that a good way to proceed? and how? someone has a solution?

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