Alembic support?


gITF isn’t supported by cinema4d which is my prefered 3d tool, it seems more 3d for web, which for some things is probably good, but alembic is supported by all major 3d tools, and is one of those things you can ask a client for, and get something you can open without messing about, and also export to, and your client should be able to open.
To be honest anything your going to use in a realtime engine probably needs to be processed before use anyway to make it lower overhead. Don’t know if anyone has used datasmith for the unreal engine, but it does that amazingly, transfers massice modals and lighting including baking VRay, takes ages however, but if you want an a complex architectural scene it makes a lot of sense, pretty much drag and drop VR.


Alembic is used for million+ vertices baked fluid simulation to be handled between softwares. so if you create a complex morphing Houdini madness and want to man-handle the ginormous result in another 3D package, yoiu don’t have to somehow transfer the procedure of how houdini generated that nonsense to preserve your animation. Now this sounds all good and industry standard handling those in realtime is another topic. Alembic doesn’t care about how you process that data efficiently, they might provide you with sensible data formatting like octree or bvh sorting but other than that of course you have to handle uploading data to the GPU in an efficient way.
Also on a side-note FBX also supports animated vertex caches but again handling them is a pain in the ass. glTF in my opinion is more suitable for vvvv to consume.
Now exporting Alembic on the other hand is absolutely fitting for vvvv, however again I’m not sure about realtime