Aiming a mirror to a mioving object

Good day, I have no idea how to proper explain what I am after, but I am sure, once again, it is my lack off understanding some basic vector math.

I want to rotate a mirror that is on a fixed position above the floor, and always keep it ‘aimed’ at a person walking on the floor.

I know where the person is walking, I know the position off the mirror, I just need a way to figure what pan/tilt, x-y, rotation I need to apply to my mirror.

SunOnFloor.v4p (14.7 kB)

if you know the position of the actor and the mirror, could you aim the mirror using LookAt (Transform) , apply that transformation to a { 0, 0, 1} vector using ApplyTransform (Transform) and use Polar (3D) to get your pan/tilt?

even simpler: PersonXYZ - MirrorXYZ into Polar (3D) .

even simpler: PersonXYZ - MirrorXYZ into Polar (3D) .

Dang, that works!

It is for a Wii project and movingheads, but works the same as a mirror, finaly I can ‘draw’ a straight line with the light from the heads on the floor :) Linear interpoliting X Y DMX is always giving me an Arc instead off a straight line. Now I do it the other way arround, thnx m8!