After effects for interactive video installation

I’m very new to this, so sorry for my general and noob question:

I have short video made of different visual layers in After Effects, which I want to make interactive using Kinect (both in audio and video).
Which one is better suited to real-time manipulation of the audio and video according to kinect output, vvvv or Max MSP?
Is it better to link one of these softwares to AE or export shorter clips of my AE animation and use them in vvvv?
Or should I start from scratch in vvvv or MAX MSP?

I have no experience with either vvvv or Max MSP

Linking AE and vvvv with Kinect will not work i guess, vvvv is realtime and AE is non-realtime.

AE results are movies. Unless you want more than controlling the playback of a movie, you probably need to build the visuals in vvvv in order to make them interactive.

Of course there are lot‘s of ways to create fully controllable (i.e. by Kinect) visuals in vvvv. Just start messing with vvvv, check out tutorials and documentation.

Hello alix, i am still pretty a new to vvvv (only did three pwojects by now), but already had experience with both parts of your question so i would like to share this experience. Using Kinect is very easy in vvvv, but I believe you need to use an particular old version of the kinect (this i was teached in a workshop around five years ago, so someone correct me). Once you have the Kinect connected its just numbers like everything else so you can do what you want.

For the AE Part have a look at the video documentation of one of my projects. In the video you can see the vvvv patch, the AE workflow and the final video installation:

I used AE to render multiple layers and then put them in vvvv together again by using blending modes. As input I used Megnetic Field Sensors connected to an Arduino and used this Input to blend between layers.
Of course you could also put some vvvv realtime effects over your particular layers so in the end no one can say – is it vvvv or After Effects or what :-)

I hope I could help you to find the right decision ;-)

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