Advice on networking


i need some advice on a network setup
i need to communicate between 2 machines (both ways) on a network : 1 server and 1 moving client.

first i start with OSC to send/receive list of parameters/files etc…
but i need a rock solid setup and i wonder if using OSC via udp
is safer (regarding lost packets) than writing values and strings in text files on the server and read/write them using local/network path on server/client…
another thing is the security on this network
if there’s strong firewall/security rules does the file read/write approach
have more chances to pass through the firewall rules than the osc?

maybe tcp is safer than udp for what you want to do ?

Hi charles, You can use also udp but with an handchecking home made protocol. Server sends !received! And yourclient will stop sends text parameters.
You will avoid by repeating data the loose of packets. In artnet we dont care loose of packets because there is sending continuously.
Another way if you still need udp for its quickness , is to numerate frame invoice in the packet sended. Reading data you will avoid older no more required frames.
Sometimes strange feebacks are occuring in wifi especially , older packets loosed and coming back, while mobiles around ( especially bouygues phones)

Security: adhoc Password protected connexion is surely best way

If you want to be completely sure of your connexion i recommand you acksys (the french firm near st quentin) for their bridges in 5ghz range. Powerfull and reliable but as it is wifi dont forget that more you are far less speed you have

If you need distance and stability you may also forget wifi and pass by an arduino like wich is rfid: jeenodes have rfid sending very strong and you can make big distance with them, with people around , if 66 bytes message length is ok for you.
Personnally more i think about your asking more i would recommand you this solution: jeelink or jeenode would be a good choice

If you need input output with electronics:

If you need just communication

Of course you may use them together

thanks guys
i’ll investigate and keep you inform

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