Advice for a new machine

Hello evrybody and thank you for this very active and helping community :)
I am learning vvvv because i am working on a project like this one : ( i know it s not vvvv but OF but i am shire Vvvv can do that ! )

But i need a new machine and i would like to know if a laptop like this one can handle it ?

Otherwise i am from the mac world ( cause i also produce the music and mac works better on Ableton ) so do you think the new macbook pro 2015 with a bootcamp is working well ?

I also have a destok PC quite powerful so maybe i have to avoid laptop and stick with my destok PC ?

Thanks a lot for your time and i hope you can read my poor english i am french :)


I’d go for the desktop-pc, if

  • you have no problem with the weight and carrying the monitor around
  • you have no problem with electric ground loop at the theatre. otherwise you will have to think about galvanic isolation.
  • you like the idea of being able to change components.
  • you need some ports to connects things to. this seems to be weak spot of a macbook.

If you want to go mobile nevertheless, you could have a look at the XMG-U-Series from Schenker. You can change graphic cards, and they have a desktop-CPU and some more ports for connecting things.

Greetings, Alex

Thanks a lot for your advices :)

You think the XMGU is better than a ASUS and why ?

He already said it :
“You can change graphic cards, and they have a desktop-CPU and some more ports for connecting things”

A Desktop CPU is a lot faster. (i dont know how the Schenkers Cooling performance is though)

As from my experience (wich is mainly in Theatre) i always used Desktop Pcs(one was a Mac-Pro with win 7) and never had any electical Problems, my PC usualy was not the only one there.

Also if Price is an issue a Desktop PC is a lot better
And you can Replace parts/extend it if you want to reuse it for something else.

Even if you dont build the PC yourself you cant Compare the Performance of a Desktop to a Notebook.
This is not a very exact guess, but the Asus Notebook you linked would probably have the Same performance as a Desktop PC for a little more than half the price.

Oh yes sorry i miss understood what was writing !!
So ok i am gonna check for a desktop pc !
Thanks a lot !

Do you know any special compact case for transport ?

if your on the road, youre earn your living from this, and want to use desktop components (It would be my choice too) take a look at this:

and this: