Advanced UDP nodes

in enviroments where you have to deal with UDP traffic from and to third party devices/system that you can not configure to your needs i think it would be good to have UDP nodes with some more advanced features.

The basic one:
For UDP(Network Server) a output pin for the IP address of the source that was sending the received packet would be useful (and should be pretty to implement).

The advanced one:
Besides this (but probably harder to implement) it would be great to be able to tie UDP(Network Client) and UDP(Network Server) to a paticular hardware network adaptor.
UDP(Network Client) should only send via the specified adaptor and UDP(Network Server) should only listen to the specified adaptor regardless matching destination address and subnet mask .
Default could be set to “all” to ensure compatibility with older patches.
This feature would for example be useful for advanced merging and routing in artnet environments using a pc with 2 or 3 setwork adaptors (there have been similar requests/wishes in the forum before).

The above wishes are of course not only concerning modification of the “classical” vvvv nodes but also for upcoming UDP-nodes in VL !


hei MSBERGER, all finally available via VL, see