Advanced Artnet nodes

Advanced Artnet nodes would be great.

I would wish the following features for DMX (Network Artnet Receiver) and also DMX(Network Artnet Sender):

  • SubnetID and UniverseID accessible as pins and not only through Inspector
  • pins SubnetID and UniverseID spreadable; output-spreadcount/expected input-spreadcount should be 512x"highest spreadcount of SubnetID/UniverseID"; if spreadcounts of SubnetID and UniverseID are not equal, smaller spread of both should be repeated as input to fit size of the bigger spread.



iirc SubnetID and UniverseID can be changed by the inspector as they trigger a broadcast in the Artnet world, so that other Artnet Receivers will know on which universes are used. Therefore i was reluctant not to make them easily changeable by a pin. i agree this could be helpful to create user interfaces.

and i agree they should be spreaded.

i also agree that we need another developer here.

I’ve asked for this before, but as someone said you could do it via set patch, TBH I never tried, but it should be fairly simple…