ADSR - spread frustration

I have a patch where midi notes received dictate x and y position of a sphere (notes C-B are spread evenly along X and go higher along Y with each octave). I was successful in getting higher notes to become lighter in color value in accordance with a steady hue for each note (ABCDEFG = ROYGBIV, respectfully). Now I would like notes to fade in and out according to traditional ADSR synth settings. So glad to find the adsr node as I was working with decay and delay and it was bit frustrating. I have adsr on my synth to the adsr node which is routed to a uniform scale - works great. When I have a slow attack, my object fades in slowly - lovely. The problem I am having is that when I play more than one note the ADSR envelope is only applied to the last (highest numbered) note received (I think). If I play and hold C4 and play C3, C3 appears without the ADSR envelope and C4 receives the ADSR envelope again - in other words every lower note (value) just triggers the ADSR on the highest value (note) again. Sorry for the lengthy question that hasn’t even been asked. How can I make it so every note receives the ADSR envelope individually? Something to do with a spread related node between ADSR and it’s destination?

or perhaps a spread related node between the midi notes played TO the adsr node before it’s destination?

adsr works just like every node which can handle spreads

have you done this of spreads and slices

multiple notes and only one sphere, what do you expect to happen. multiple spheres created by notes ?

No problems with spreading the object, guess I could have made that clearer. I am playing a symphony of spheres of all colors as is, tons of fun for like 5 minutes. I would like the adsr envelope to be applied to every slice individually, not as a whole for the entire spread.

it is a simple spread problem if i understand you right…
is the patch helping you ?

spreadhelp.v4p (10.5 kB)

YES!:):):):):)! Thank you.