I tried to translate the ADSR help patch to gamma as the Node did not work as I expected.
Also setting a sustain level makes it staying forever on the given value instead of “releasing” back to 0 after releasing the “Set”-Input.

Bug or did I get something wrong?

Help patch text from vvvv beta says:
as soon as the input pin is set to 1, ADSR’s output reaches 1 within the attack time,
then decays to the sustain value, where it stays as long ADSR’s input remains 1.
If the input = 0, ADSR reaches 0 within te specyfied release time.

But in gamma it only reacts on the change from 1 to 0, so on the release of the boolean.
Sustain/Slope/Release has no effect as far as I could see.

Here’s a recording of the behaviour: (1.0 MB)
Patch: ADSR_helppatch_benju.vl (16.5 KB)

this is just a misundertanding of how the inputs work. they are just bangs, not toggles. maybe that helps:

Aaaah, damn, did I really forget to search before posting. Thx @tonfilm, now I got it.
Here’s an updated patch for any interest anyways: ADSR_helppatch_benju.vl (15.4 KB)


this helppatch ist really great and should be included in the help-browser.


It was inspired by the beta help patch with some changes/optimization to understand the behaviour better… Also the node was working slightly different (toggle instead of press) if I remeber it correct?

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