Address and Texture Translation

Drawfixed has a render state pin so I can use Address but a texture can t be translated.
Constant can translate its texture but doesn t have a sampler state pin, can I activate it? (my code editor seems not to work today…)

hm. for me a Transform (Transform 2d) connected to the Texture Transformation of a DrawFixed (EX9.Effect) works as expected.

sampler states on effects can only be set in code. so you’d have to clone Constant (EX9.Effect) and then edit it to include the desired state.

My install was acting weird: no code editor, missing nodes on search, and the Texture Translation not working on Drawfixed, I redownloaded vvvv and now it works ok.
Thanks now I see what you mean, got the code editor back!

Well here the last findings: if you try to translate a texture in a Drawfixed when the input is a Collada Mesh, it won t do, while it works in a Constant_2.0x. It does work in a Drafixed in a vvvv´s mesh as a Grid for example.