Addonpack (bulletphysics and arduino) nodes red?

Hi all, Im very new to vvvv and absolutely love it, however im struggling to get all the nodes working? i have the addonpack folder sitting next to the girlpower folder in my install, but all of the patches within the bullet physics and arduino folders are not connected up due to the nodes being red? im assuming that my install cant find the nodes… any help would be greatly appreciated!

im on windows 8 if that makes any odds…! thanks.

i can now see that if i hover over the red nodes in any bullet physics example, it seems to be looking for a file that simply isnt in the addon pack…?

Could it be you are using the 64bit version? Some addons are not (yet) ported for 64 bit.

missing in 64bit builds (bullet is in that list!)

:( This is why I still use 32 bit.

sweet! yes it is. thanks!