Adding Pins to generic = fails

To reproduce:

  • add a fresh = (Adaptive) to your patch
  • Press ``Ctrl"+ “+”
  • third pin appears in red


“The Input Group Lifting can’t be applied because the type of the output does not match the main input.”

I guess you wanted to compare many values whether they’re all equal? This is not possible with the current approach of how a pin group gets handled in VL as it simply just chains the nodes one after the other. So say you have a group with three inputs it will consume the first two inputs with the first equals node and then connect the output of that one to the first input of the next equals node etc. So you see we run into a type issue there as this approach will only work if the type in question is a boolean.

That the UI allows to add a pin where the compiler then immediately complains that this is not possible can be seen as a proper glitch and when fixed I’ll report back here :)

Fixed in upcoming alpha builds.

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