Adding Lanczos to Resize (Texture)


for a project I’m working on, we’d like to try and get the Lanczos algorithm working on VL.Stride’s Resize node.

before jumping in, and since it looks like some work on it has already been done, I wanted to know if there were any showstoppers that would prevent this to succeed.

the result of that would obviously be contributed to the VL.Stride plugin.

thanks in advance!


there was no showstopper, just the allocated time was running out.

it was the question of which implementation and what order/filter size should be used. the goal was to find an implementation that optimizes the enormous amount of texture lookups by leveraging the linear filter of the texture sampler.

there are also many filter parameters, this was also a question that needed some research. so if you find one you like, let us know, we can help you to evaluate the implementation.

integrating the filter should be quite easy, the code scaffolding is already there…

thanks for those details @tonfilm, will get back to you if we have questions!

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