Adding Enum2Ord breaks the Enum

I have an Enum IObox with a list of COM ports feeding the ComPort pin of RS232
I want to detect when this is changed, so I tried connecting an Enum2Ord, so I could then use Change to detect a change, however as soon as I connect the Enum2Ord, most of the entries in the Enum disappear.
I’m guessing that the Enum list gets set up from the input it’s connected to, but how do I stop it changing when I connect another input?
Is there a way to copy the enum list to the IOBox so they match?
Or is there another way to detect an Enum IOBox being changed?

I’ve got to say I noticed the same issue. It’s a real pain. Can we have fixed enum ioboxes? In the properties of the iobox I could say which enum is the source enum and the iobox would not have to figure it out on it’s own. Otherwise please fix the code that tries to do the automagic. Is this something that can be fixed by a plugin in C#? I’d like to try and write it, but I have no idea how to start and if it’s possible. I know C#.

It would also be great to see “=” node for Enums, and similar stuff.