Add new points on the grid editor


anyone knows how to add new points to the grid on the grid editor patch.

the grid starts with six points on the top and six on the bottom (grid editor help). i would like have new points in different locations on the grid.

i want to project in a shaped screen.

i hope i can get some help.

At the GridEditor node are two pins called “Control U” & “Control V”, where you need to specify the number of control points.

Press “restart” and the new grid is created - also according to the spacings you specified. For example if you have “Control U” is 12 you may specify 11 spacings inbetween them. The new grid will we created accordingly each time you press restart.

Note that there is no possibility to add points on an already edited grid. You need to think about the needed points and spacings first and then work with this grid architecture.

thank you very much … it works fine