Add hue or multiply negativ shader for b&w smoke images


I want to put a layer with black & white smoke renderings over an background layer. i am looking for a shade that does something similar to the multiplay negativ in photohsop. how can I do this.


i would first try to use Blend (EX9.RenderState Advanced).
as shader has no access to the color of its underlaying pixels, you would have to create two texture inputs where you put in the background and the smoke to mix them…

ok, i try it.

i thought i could pass only the hue value of the smoke to add it in a group. soemthing like chroma key or black as alpha. the smoke pictures are white on a black background.

if you want to work with different shaders for a same result, this jus with NODES ( no HLSL wirtting in code editor) you need to output from your renderer receving the first shader a DX9 texture then feed with it the new shader

video in > videotexture > shader > intermediate renderer > DX9texture > quad >final renderer

do not forget to set a value to the renderer backbuffer pin ( x y resolution)

with the Blend Node its fine. is it possible to alphablend the output of the quad. i could change the color of the color input of the quad node… but not the alpha value.

yep… thats why you need to pas by and intermediate render, on wich you will set the alpha with HSV

everything is fine, i blend the colors to blend the smoke.

one little problem: while loading the image sequenzes v4 stops working, although the TTY outout!

this is by design… you can preload all images if they fit into the ram. its not unusual to fill up the ram with 3 GB of textures on patch startup.

if you have a very fast disk (i.e. ssd), you can even load the images from disk in realtime, just convert them to .dds.