Adaptive Background Substraction

Hi guys,

I did a new background shader. Its still beta and I would like to have some feedback. There are still some timing issues.

This shader is supposed to work in changing light situations (a whole day long-morning till evening) as it learns background variances if there is no movement.
Basically, it stores min and max luminance values and max distance of both of consecutive frames (at learning mode). Thus you get your background image. Then substraction, luminance threshold and size threshold (as foreground objects mostly have a certain size). (10.8 kB)

Just noticed that both shaders are not inside patch and so not connected, maybe for relative paths whens zipping ?

Oh, Im still confused about that realtive and absolute path stuff. May be somewhen I will understand it.
Anyway, I stopped this approach as it is not satisfying enough doing it with shaders. Think its better to implent it in a Freeframe. But Im just in Freeframe-beginning-mode.

it seems that you had your .fx already in your effects-folder when you did the helppatch
the .fx were referenced like :EFFECTS:/foobar.fx which is a special path relative to the VVVV-location.
so if you drop everything from the original zip into the effects-folder everything should work.

it is possible to correct those paths quite fast. i edited yours in less than a minute. see attached zip.

recommended readings:
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kind regards (10.9 kB)

Like always a big help. Thanks kalle. Its going to be more and more convenient with 4V now.

hi frank,
i’m very interested on your approach for adaptive bgsub, i tried your patch, but something is wrong for me. I can see that all works well only in the first part of patch. But after the movement bang nothing works for me, alle the renderers are red, white or black, and nothing can change this (as you can see in the screenshot).
any hint? what i’m doing wrong?

abs_shot.JPG (99.2 kB)