ActiveWindow(Windows) dosen't give the right windows handle with DX11 render

Hi all,
the title says the problem, and attached there’s a patch that shows it.
Simply click to focus the renderer window you want. the DX9 is recognized correctly (the number from activewindow is the same of the window handle number the comes from the renderer).
Don’t know what’s wrong, and if it’s something in vvvv or in the DX11 renderer.
but i’ve observed that HandlefromPoint(windows) is actually working well (and for now i’m using it instead)

activewindow(windows) dosen’t give the correct handle number for DX11 rendering (6.5 kB)

yup this is the case for all plugin forms actually. the handle coming from the handle pin of a plugin is actually a child form wrapped in the window which displays the plugin content. if you want to get the handle of a window you’d need to get the parent handle of what’s coming from the plugin’s handle pin.
here’s a plugin for getting the parent handle

thank you, works perfectly, and also i’m discovering a lot of interesting things from you, thank you so much.
the connect(transform) node is very useful, i wished i know it before :))))
thanks again