Accommodation in Frankfurt during Node10

for all those planning to come to Node10 but don´t know where to stay:



I’m looking for accommodation in Frankfurt after Node10. I’m coming from South-Africa and will be staying and working in Frankfurt. I have a place to stay during Node10, but I can’t stay there to long.

Looking for student-residence-cheap-flat like accommodation. my money doesn’t mean a lot in Europe:( I’m an artist and will gladly work for any new media artist, to gain experience. Will do any kind of work for little money, I’m there to learn.


Until Now we are two going from Stockholm , budget isn’t spreadable so if anybody wants to join lets get a common cheap room in a centric hopefully decent hotel.
Would be nice if the locals give more insights in more accommodations, eg, nearest to location .

would be vvvvilling to crash with some other noding person(s). i also like suneps proposal, why not all go to the same ho(s)tel?

@bilderbuchi: aren’t these prices for a single person? i tried chosing 3 people for those 3 rooms and prices went skyrocketing…

no, it’s for three. i couldn’t believe it at first, either. there’s heavy rebates/earlybird whatever if you book early and long duration.

digitalwannabes and me will stay here, you’re welcome to join us, more vvvvun!
(Hotel Central Frankfurt, 345 triple room, 5 nights, incl. breakfast, 1km from node if i read the map right)

cheapest i found is this
(Continental Hotel, 255 triple room, 5 nights, without breakfast, 1.3km to node from the other direction)

disclaimer: i’m not a local and don’t have personal experience with the hotels, but those are where internet research led me.
edit: damn, mangled URLs
edit2: nearest to location would have been 300m, 550€ or so;
edit3: Posting time 7:50 - in what timezone does the node server live??


you could have look at those flat-share-sites:

* (german only)

Depending on room-size and district you should budget approx. 300-400 Eur/Month. Nice but rather expensive districts are for example: Bornheim, Sachsenhausen, Bockenheim. Cheaper but rather “dirty” are the Gallus-, Gutleut- and Bahnhofs-Viertel.

@bjoern , thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Why don’t you guys go to a backpackers, instead of a hotel. They offer very decent accommodation at low prices.Bunk bed rooms for 8 people, single/double rooms available. they usually have nice lounges as well.

Doesn’t anyone know if they are recording the workshops in some way? I want to buy the training videos form the other workshops.

O and do you think they will release more week passes some time? its gonna feel stupid to buy 5 day passes.and I don’t have the money:(

thanks bjoern

If you can´t select them any longer, all week passes are gone and there won´t be released any more. It is (or rather was) first come first serve. I am afraid you´ll have to go for the day passes.

BTW would be nice to stay on topic (accommodation). If you´ve got questions concerning other subjects please just start another thread.

before i’m booking a single room at hotel central - anybody wanna share a room?

i was thinking the same thing and would be willing to share a room, but do not know yet if my girlfriend is coming along. (in which case i would prefer a seperate room ;))

I would like to share with some other vvv’ers… perhaps hotel central?

[andy AT jahya DOT net](andy AT jahya DOT net)

Hi, coming to node 10 from dublin, ireland, anybody like to share some cheap accommodation??can’t afford more than 15e-20e p night.

Hi @dot, if you can stretch to 23e per night you can share with frostpfote & me at Hotel Central… 1km from the venue, breakfast buffet included.

Welcome to join us.

@dot: indeed. write me a mail frostpfote/at/, I’ll probably book today

@ frostpfote : sent u a mail, just saw this today, let me know…

hello,@bjoern,or anyone know which one(hotel) is nearest by the node venue? thank you so much. is the cheapest I can find and is only 904.721 m from the venue.

How about turning the Frankfurt hostel into a sort of semi official node hostel like in 08?

it was really nice to wake up and have breakfast with other noders and sharing a multi bed room with fellow noders feel more secure than sharing with completely random strangers.

to me it could be any other place, but I assume that making some sort of collective “booking” would make some rebate possible.

Last time I think it was two multi bed rooms that were turned into node rooms.

anyone in frankfurt with nice german skills we could lure into contacting them and try setting this up? I for one would not mind giving that person a beer or two for the effort and if other people using this opportunity did the same it could turn into quite a lot of beer :)


yeah right that was nice hostel actually. The Jugendherberge is full on the weekend of node any way. Frankurt hostel cheaper anyway. The have rooms for 6 in some mini dorm type of ting.

  1. Me
  2. sunep??
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  6. ?

If we can get 6 and you’ll all willing to Paypal me cash I’ll book the room for the week. It’s like 20E / night / person, so 120 total/person. I try a discount but I don’t think they will for 6 peeps.