Accessing IP camera thuth renderer HTML

merci joreg. still no reply from aviosys ( this topic is from a good long time) but perhaps in taiwan they are on hollydays ( ;-) )…

about flashes: i dont have them on the HTML renderer. only when using scrollers.

about replication of the image: i just tried to change the internal Page viewing settings of the camera, thruth the html renderer in X1 mode
( image size without recroping or rescaling):

i checked MPEG4-1 1280x720
then MPEG4-2 352x192
MJPEG 640x352

passing thuth MPEG4 352x192 then when coming back to MEPG4-1 SOMETIMES is giving a complete plain image
but the renderer si still flashing white : it really looks like as if you were moving the scrolling bars in the html renderer.

on this internal webpage of the camera there is also possibility to move with the mouse the image and scroll inside (PTZ). I m unactive in this mode but its still working.

what is strange is checking :

The html renderer works fine and i can use it with VHSCrcap… but it would be really better no to use a third party software that needs to be setted correctly each time on the window and to be on camera directly from vvvv.

ok, here is the patch with an activ camera spying a poor sympatic ingeneer ;-(

i had to install in IEXPLORER activeX 9070.ocx and then it was ok to see in the HTML renderer the camera. But still this damned trouble of flash And repetition of the image.

oulalalalalala… I suppose this is not occuring with other ipcams ?

ipcam_0_1_to_taiwan.v4p (7.6 kB)

ok, i have checked with another ip from something else, it seems to a problem specific to aviosys activex driver:

no trouble to use this webcam inside gdi texture:,2010,08,12,14,00_debit_1200.html

good morning everyone…

i’m having a similar problem with an axis cam these days… the videoimage is perfectly fine as long as i don’t connect the gditexture node. if i do i get flashing white bars in the html renderer (if my mind isnt playing on me they even had some text on them that i don’t remember (and can’t check right now)). the ex9 renderer then shows everything except for the videoimage…(wouldnt mind the opposite)

any new suggestions here?

anyhow, what’s with that sharedmemory solution circuitb talked about? what does it all mean and: should i rather not try if i don’t even know what i’m talking about?

help and hints highly appreciated! :)

there is also this fancy tool, which can receive ip camera streams and registers itself as a driver:

you are talking about VHSCRAP ?

it s the solution i used, but acquiring screen added really 1/4 second mor to all the image process :

just a shot in the dark here but how about vlc ?

vlc (standalone or ft plugin) works fine but with rtsp streams i’ve 2 or 3 seconds of latency with my IP Camera
with a DirectShow Filter like webcamXP or (not tested)i’ve the minimum latency

This post seems to suggest that a delay of only 1 or 2 frames should be possible somehow. Can’t test it myself.

thanks ft i think the problem is the network-caching value
in vlc when i enter a network-caching value bellow 700ms the result is a freezed images …

last post
MPEG4 seems to be the problem

What i m not understanding is why we have a change between a well printed to screen renderer and an outputed texture from renderer.
Would that be possible to have a capture(texture) node avoiding itself from activex components ?

hey guys, i know im not helping but i will try my best.

first,how do i get vlc stream to vvvv ? (noob)