Accessing font families in Text(DX11.Layer)

Is there a way to access font families in the Text(DX11) node or vvvv in general? It only shows the default font for each font family, which means that a lot of font variants are not available. This is especially unfortunate, as there is no “bold” or “italic” flag like in most software, although that usually just accesses the correct font variant anyways.

I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be possible in vvvv, if it is possible in literally any other Windows software, although admittedly Windows’ font management and rendering has always been pretty pathetic.

I am aware that there are a lot of font families even in just the ones that come standard, so the list might get quite long, but trying to build a GUI with a specific font with no access to the font variants is really tough.

Thanks for any suggestions or workarounds.

in vvvv:

in other software:

in Fonts Folder:

Think text dx11 advanced has some functionality like that, it doesn’t give you the selection thought but you can change stuff in layout

Holy shit, so many options… This answers all I could ever have hoped for in terms of text and fonts!

TextFormat(DirectWrite) is the node with all the font options.

Many thanks to @vux for creating all those nodes.

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