Access Youtube/Vimeo & Co

Hi vvvvsers,

i just asked myself if theres a way to have access to onlinestreaming videos through vvvv…
Is there anybody who did this before ?
Are there any Help/Examplepatches ?

Thanks for your answers :o)

With the HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL) node it works for me…

General speed and mouse performance aren’t as good as a normal browser and the video framerate is not as stable… but it works ;)

See attached patch.

youtube.v4p (4.2 kB)

Also note that you can customize both youtube and vimeo to suit your needs, even fullscreen embedding without video playback controls (and e.g. building a vvvv/javascript control interface on top of that).

See attached patch for a basic example of embedding and also this or this for finer control.

youtube.v4p (5.5 kB)

Thanks a lot!
This is why i love this vvvvorum :)

For the first steps i think this will work for me…

I’ve got an idea in my mind:
Every time i do a party at home and ive got no dj, there is this moment somebody skips my playlist and goes to youtube to play his favorite music…

Then i got this idea to create a youtube/vimeo/Co player for a party. The possibilities are huge… You can show the Movieclips on dancing cubes with nice fft effects, create a playlist across your desired platforms and so on…

I think you got my idea… But i dont think that the html texture is enough for me… I think i need to something like a “preloader” for the clips, dont know how to realize a nice “search engine” and have a lot more questions in my mind i dont want to bother you :D

I want to use this as a “learning” project and want to hear your estimations ;) (and maybe there is somebody with a similiar idea who wants to help me)

Thanks in advance…

well i don’t know about you but b30’s htmltexture doesn’t seem to support html5… or youtube cannot detect it.

here u can test what the htmltexture supports…

html5test.v4p (5.2 kB)

“preloading” is the same as with the browser - just load the specific URLs into a HTMLTexture node, probably with the embed code specifying that you don’t want autoplay. And then you could use the javascript injection of the HTMLTexture node to play, pause, stop a video and so on.

For searching, you can use the Youtube API (bad part: you need to think about the different APIs for different services). But actually it’s very easy - I made a simple patch because I got interested in how that works :).

YoutubeAPI.7z (52.0 kB)

really nice solution herbst…

but i dont want to be limited to youtube :)

i tried it with parsing the google video search, cause there are listed a lot of videohoster! im not a pro with xpath, maybe somebody find better querys, but its kind of working ;)

googleparser.v4p (142.6 kB)

the test TwoBeAss gave me was indicating that htmltexture doesn’t support any kind of videos. this is only my system or somebody else can confirm this? it also sais chrome 25 is that the same for everyone?

yeah thats right… but its only a html5 test! this video for example wont work!
flash or other streaming technologies are working

EDIT: Updated the Xpath for the googleparser…
EDIT2: Added help patch

googleparser v0.3 (21.4 kB)
googleparser help (15.4 kB)

Nice. But now the missing part is to add fullscreen playback capabilities for all the different videohosters (or do you not want that?), which will probably also require some javascript magic (e.g. find biggest embed thingy and blow that up to 100% or something like that - even more complicated would be autoplay). I’m quite sure for a full web video player (automatic playback on load, fullscreen) inside vvvv using the various APIs will be somehow required.

@microdee: Flash does work without any problems inside HTMLTexture. You can even make local video embeds work by going to the Flash settings page inside vvvv (crazy stuff) and allowing it.

herbst, i found a nice commandline tool which is called youtube-dl (
i just need to shell execute the videolink and this tool downloads the videofile for me :)
then i have all the possibilities i want to have like access the file with filestream(vlc), no buffering problems cause its stored locally…

all i need to do now is to build a nice playlistorganizer :D

maybe somebody did something like this before !?!?!

i think you should be able to play the flv stream with the VLC node directly. at least vlc supports flash videos and loading from URL.
here’s an example of how to get the flv url by video id:
you can find a similar plugin for youtube:

Hm, I thought the main idea was to have it available at a party etc., then you would rather want to stream (click & play) than to first download, then play… but like dEp said, VLC can play streams which are still downloading/can directly stream flvs.
And the downloading does only work for Youtube again…

yeah i know the possibility of playing a videostream with the filestream vlc node, but then i could have those buffering problems… this is why i want to download the files and organize them in a playlist…

@herbst this hosters were supported by youtube-dl:

vvvvery looking forward to finally beeing able to play these in vvvv!!!1

hey guys,

reading this thread i remember i was able to play online videos directly in vlc, but with the current version seems it’s no more possible…
the only way i found to stream a youtube clip (require full url, not the short one) in vlc is to use the old beta 27.2 + the ft contribution: Vlc0_5.dll plugin
see attached

regarding the youtube url’s with the new alpha 30.1 and
the great NEW ShellExecute(Windows Advanced) you can grab the video url
using the -g switch in the commandline arg
unfortunately‎ as stated bellow current vlc doesn’t play any online files

see alpha30.1 patch

vlc (32.6 kB) (3.0 MB)