Access violation memory

Hello, I just started using VVVV with guide for noobies, and this is what I get when press alt+1, alt+2 or alt+3. (no patches or nodes in vvvv at all). So this message appears, and vvvv minimized and I can`t get back to it, only force quit and then restart app. Seems it is not normal. Any thought how it can be resolved?

Please post more info on the system you use (Vista or Xp or …).

Who knows, maybe there’s something going wrong with crack.exe. When you run it, does it happens to have at least 2 green squares?

Anyway, this has to be asked ;), did you follow every single step shown in the installation guide?


Yep, i followed all steps.
Crack got all squares green.

I`m running windows 7. What else info should i collect? Maybe any libraries (java or i dont know)

aight, danks for report. fixed.

the question remains what you tried to achieve. when you have only one window open and you press ALT+2 or ALT+3 that does not make much sense. betas>26 won’t let you hide a window if it is the last one visible.

well I just read an introduction, and read that alt+2 render view, and want to try it (no code in vvvv windows, so I predict to see nothing in render window), and all i get is this error

hm…where exactly did you read that? sounds like wrong information