Access texture in vertex shader DX11

Hi everyone,
is it possible to access texture data in the vertex shader using vs_4_0?

I’m using this code but I get an error wich says that is not possible to map the function to the instruction set.
Is there another way?

vsin VSpixelTexture(vsin input)
	input.pos = pointcloud.Sample(sam,input.TexCd.xy);
	input.pos *= float4(geomScale,geomScale,geomScale,1);
    return input;

Is it not the same tecnique written here ?

No, is not possible.

“This method can be invoked within a pixel shader, but it is not supported in a vertex shader or a geometry shader.”

Found it!

pointcloud.SampleLevel(samP, input.TexCd.xy, 1 );