Access RAW Data from Plugins

once more a question regarding the new RAW stuff:

is it possible to access this new data type when doing plugin developement? i found nothing in the docs and have no idea which data type to use.

in general, i’m missing quite some nodes that deals with the new datatype RAW (like tools to work on spreads with raw, taking raws apart and putting them together similar to Split (String) and Add (String).


ps: this post is related to this one here, but i was not able to put the link in the relations of this topic (tried lot’s of different spellings - always get a “found no valid post with that title” - error)

i’ve quite some changes regarding raw on another computer. will see to it later that these changes will make into our repository. these changes include a Add (Raw) if i remember correctly. so pls don’t waste any time on this one.
in the meantime have a look at the nodes which have already been written as plugins: AsValue (Raw) and a new rs232 node i just posted in i hope that helps you to get started.

oh to answer your question. the datatype is System.IO.Stream.

great to hear that, thanks a lot!

will these changes also adress this bug?

i’ve been playing around a lot with the new RAW nodes but for now i used conversion to strings back and forth to RAW a lot to get the functionality i need.

yes they will. we decided to add RAW nodes on a kind of request basis so hopefully the needed conversions should decrease over time.