Access ImGui Widgets value path using ObjectEditor

It looks the provided ObjectEditor creates a kind of Object Graph internally to apply the changes on the desired part of the Channel.

Basically what @sebescudie is asking in this post:

I have done that before creating my own model Tree with all the property paths, and then i can do certain operations On Hovering the widgets… but it’s too hacky and creates some UI problems.

I was wondering if there is an elegant way to get the value path that specific Widgets are writing on.
My idea is to bind properties with timeliner tracks using the provided ObjectEditor, without to crawlling the properties manually or reinventing the wheel.

Has anyone any idea about how to do it?
A start point?
It would be a killer feature to have a deeper integration of channel reactive in ImGui’s Object editor.

I would love to do the data binding directly in the inspector, having an extra window with a long list of names is not the most intuitive way to operate.

Any hint here would be mega, ultra, peta welcome!