Accepting \r, \n and \r\n in IOBox (Text)

Currently, only the last one (\r\n) shows up as proper newline. This is slightly annoying for content copied from somewhere else into an IOBox, 'cause it’s often shown on a single line.

Would be nice to have the different things all show up as proper newlines.

this is only when editing the text in an IOBox (String). no matter which of the EOL formats is used in the string it will show up correctly in the iobox, when not in edit-mode, right?

so it is the delphi TMemo component which does not display the lineendings “correctly” here. i am not sure if we can do anything about that other than a grande hack that would convert the lineendings for display in edit-mode and then try to convert whats left after editing back to the original format…

if you find a way for delphis TMemo to display all formats as expected please let us know.

OK, not really a problem.