Abstract plastic rendering

Question of the day :)

I’m wondering if there’s a way of rendering 3D mesh (shape) with a plastic like effect with reflexion over it like a lot of orb made with photoshop. I don’t really know how to describe it well…ahem, but i’m wondering how to implement this mat (si quelqu’un sait le traduire en anglais) and brilliant aspect. Like some aqua orb. Does it need to deal with shader or should i try to make them in a third party 3D program and export/import them within vvvv.

Hope that’s clear enough.

just look for a hlsl plastic shader on the net and use it in vvvv, or ask sanch, he found one some time ago…

here is the experiment by sanch: http://www.sanchtv.com/?p=27

it uses at least 2 or 3 shaders and passes. you should digg first into multi pass rendering to have success…

thx a lot tonfilm :) u helped me a lot in my introduction with vvvv. that’s exactly the kind of effec i’m looking for. Hum, what do u refers to “passes” ? Is that use one shader output as a texture input to another shader ?

(I switched on another pc more powerfull than my comp and all my experiment with vvvv are ok :)

what do u refers to “passes” ? Is that use one shader output as a texture input to another shader ?

yes! the depth of field shader in the shader gallery uses this technique for example… in the girlpower folder is the patch lobby, there you will see how to use an environment map.

just another thing if i find a shader source on the internet is that possible to use it directly into vvvv or does i neeed to adapt the source code (won’t have the time until the deadline) ?

Sorry i didn’t had the time to read the shader documentation pages as i didn’t have enough time to deal with the programming stuff but i’ll in the future seems so cool

… there is a little bug in the lobby patch, you have to set the FileTexture node to CubeTexture with the Inspektor…

I love that red one, I remember that one from screenshots of the day, lovely!