Abstract clock installation


im a vvvv starter and programed a simple abstract clock. i attached the patch.

the idea for an installation is to build 10 boxes from 0-9 and have a simple lightbulb in every box which are controlled as seen in the patch.

Im looking for a divice (or interface)that can control 10 electrical sockets. preferably no heavy current.

does anybody know some sort of device? or has anybody done a similar installation with lightbulbs and has a solution?

thanks for any help!

abstractclock.v4p (13.5 kB)

im looking for something similar but with 10 current outputs

you could just use 3 of those dimmers

;-) i guess that would be one solution. but at the moment not my favourite.

Any Arduino Board and a circuit per channel as seen here or here is all you need. Haven’t checked your patch for dimming, if it’s switching on/off only, just implement the Arduino Firmata Node from the Contributions section and you’re set. Using proper Dimmer Packs and some DMX Interface is prolly more straightforward, but costly too.