About the tags

I just wanted to ask which module it s been used for the tag system browser.
Also vvvvebmaster in your personal page there is broken link (“forum” instead of “forums”.
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Also, at some point there was a date browser, what happened? It was really cool cause there was no “enter” button, just select the date on the pop-up and ready to go, I am very interested to know how you achieved that, if possible.

Hi io,
the tag browser is a combination of the views module and the homebrewn tagging system. the date browser is in your home->activities, that is also homebrewn with the jquery date module. hope this answers some questions.

with homebrew you mean that is a custom code?

jep. there was no module which provided the functionality that we needed. unfortunately our solution is not generic enough to release it to the community (at least not at the moment).

I ve been looking for a way to avoid having to make all the selections in the exposed filters and then clikcing on the enter button. The way you ve implemented the functionality is awesome, please let me know of any development or possible releases.

well this is all done with javascript. if you want to avoid javascript I don’t think there’s a way of avoiding buttons.

I gather you have some sort of experience using drupal? all I do is create a view with arguments (you can see this in action when selecting the filters. you get forwarded to a new page with the arguments). the arguments are term ids of terms which I use for the specific content type. the tags are the terms and with javascript I just check which terms are selected and send you to the right url. we actually had a non javascript version before that, but because of certain new features we wanted to have, i dropped that.

Yes I have enough experience with Drupal, i could easily build the same view with arguments and exposed filters, but I don t have the knowledge to write javascript code to enable an “auto filter action” when choosing the terms or the date filter (yep, calendar po up).
From my point of view that has been a massive flaw of the calendar-date-view modules. With calendar you can use the default calendar block view to have a nice clickable, css themable, filter but it does make an http call, which in my case (exposed filters view incrusted in ajax quicktabs) doesn t work at all (the http call resets all the java action).
On the other side the exposed date filter with java popup calendar it works with java and fits in my quicktabs but it s not a “single click” action as in the former, it s cumbersome.
I guess I am totally in the wrong forum …

well learning javascript is actually pretty easy if you have some experience with coding. I suggest you get familiar with jquery, which is a very (very very) handy javascript library which is used natively by drupal. stackoverflow is always a good place to look for tips and tricks for jquery (an any other language as a matter of fact).