Ableton to vvvv osc connection

hey there,

i’m using vvvv for two months now and it’s time for the first project. i would like to manipulate specific parameters of the visual part (vvvv patch) of an audiovisual performance via osc (two computers).

Does anyone of you have experience with this kind of setup?

i need to send osc messages (via network, either lan or wifi) out of ableton (running on a macbook) to vvvv running on a second computer (windows 7). I’m a musician and i don’t have much programming skills so is it possible to send osc data with “liveOSC” and receive it with a node in vvvv on a second computer? i’m afraid i don’t even know how to setup the network stuff although i did plenty of internet research.

your help would really be appreciate! thank you

hey atamos,
the easiest way is to go with max 4 live and a device called live grabber…


this might help: livvvveosc

thx! :)… no text …