Ableton -> ESI 46XL -> ASIO IN?


iam trying to do this for a while now, but without any effort…

I have an ESI 46XL Soundcard and i want to get the sound from the output especially the sound coming out of Ableton.

Has somebody already done something similar?
I mean getting the Sound from Ableton directly to VVVV for FFT purpose?

Tried the Asio In node but i dont get any values out…

Would be glad about any ideas.


Have you tried JACK?

you might be also able to use jitter for fft and then transfer values thru OSC from ableton

ooor this which @Hadasi found a while back and I’d forgotten about:

Hmmmm Jack looks good but its just an API isnt it? So there is some implementation stuff :)…

Sadly i dont have jitter so i cant use that.
And with VAC i always had latency problems …

Seems harder than i thought :(

why don’t use a real cable? just plug the out to some input of your pc and open this input in vvvv with AudioIn and a FFT node.

is there any tunneling sound option in ableton ? if yes, it could be a way to split from ableton the sound to -audio driver AND -tunelling ethernet port

would be cool if it would be possible hack in to that window hehe
i’d still try with jitter, might you don’t need license in some basic case

midi might be? the cheapest easiest solution is to use microphone or jack-jack

i tried to close that window until i noticed its just a picture :D!

I think for now, i will go with that oldschool “cable to mic in my audio card” thing.

Also if i would be interessted in that jitter stuff.
What do you mean with “dont need license in basic case”?

Thank you