Ability to toggle "Pause on error" on the fly

When debugging complex patches or encountering more complex errors, “Pause on error” often helps. But in normal work with a patch it is more advantageous to turn it off and solve the problem in the “running” state. As a result, it is often necessary to switch this item more than once. Maybe it makes sense to put it in the interface or on shortcut keys? Maybe it’s time to think about debugging interface elements? Maybe we should add this item next to the “start” and “pause” buttons?

I think these are related:


Yep, often thought about this.

Toggling this one a lot, and going through the settings menu every time is a bit painful :)

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Perhaps it is worth considering the new debug elements.
Maybe a window or widget that can be hidden.
These can be isolated to on-screen buttons with “pause on error”: