A weird behaviour (ex9 outputs)

this question is a long shot, but it is driving me insane:

there is Bang in my patch which S+Hs a colour, switches the strength of an Attractor, emits particles and…

… kills some GridSegments I’m using someplace else as GUI elements.? And by “someplace else” I mean that there is no whatsoever connection between the Bang and anything happening in that UI renderer.
I had previously solved it by… really just messing around, deleting stuff here and there but the problem is back. In both v28 and v31.

Any ideas?

the moment the kill happens does TTy report anything? can you make a little demo of this?

I don’t even know how to help you to help me.
TTY shows ERR : error in layer Group (EX9), but only sometimes and not neccessarily when the Elements disappear. Trying to isolate the problem made it go away but I had this before (Briefly deleted the connection to the S+H seemed to do it, but only for a while).
Having spent the afternoon over this though, I have yet to encounter it in v31 so I’m crossing my fingers.
Anyways, this is me revisiting an old, messy patch which needs probably re-doing anyhow. Just that weird voodoo shit…