A way to integrate vectors

would be so nice to have the option to import vector data including color information - like you can do in processing. i saw some amazing results in processing using vectors and know i wish i wish i could do similar stuff with v4 ;)

… i know there are some basic implementations to import vector data, but the are more a proof of concept and i don’t know if it is possible to do complex vector stuff with that.

greetings andreas

for now there may be two ways to do it:
brute force, just open the vector file in a good texteditor, copy out the data you’r interested in and paste them into your patch.
or make a .x file, import the vector file in a 3d programm, export a .x file and load it…

hmm ok, the first option i already have known. hmm ok - any good open source 3d program out there? blender? but then the color information will get lost right?