A trivial question about graphic card, I guess

Hi everybody, I’m new to community and quite overstimulated by vvvv, exactly for I master nothing of it.

Following, carefully and step by step, a tut found here,
I linked texture node and trasform node to the renderer, but, even if the texture was displayed, the transform node didn’t seem to have any effect,
until I unlinked the transform node and linked the rotate one in the other pin, as shown in tut -I was trying to rotate the quad node.

Unfortunately what I got back was the input of the transform node (the inputs were different: 45 for the rotation in transform node and 30 in rotate) even if it was no longer linked to the renderer.

Then I added a HSL transform and got the rotate node job done back.

So, that renderer does not refresh as it should do.

I tried many reasonable combinations, eg trying all the different transform nodes available and modifying fields accordingly, linked to all the available pins and so on; closed and restarted v4, too. Could be a clue if I add that I was running v4 from an ext USB HD?

I guess it’s a hardware related issue, graphic card mostly -even if GF 9600 is simple to manage-, 'cause I still didn’t find any cache directory to choose
-but, I mean, with a so simple patch, everything should have been stored within ram, no? My processor was quiet and I was using about 400MB of memory.

I’m running xp sp3 32bit, 4GB ram, with a GeForce 9600 GT -with the best working drivers at the time I downloaded vvvv, a few weeks ago-, AMD Athlon x2 64, M2N MX SE PLUS mobo.

Usually I don’t have absolutely any problem with my darling -I’ve been asked by pro-pc-buyers: Yeah! Is good… but how much did you spent on it, uh? Guess the faces.

Thanks in advance to all those will answer.
Thank you really so much.

did you know, that rotation angles in vvvv are 0…1? so an input of 45 or 30 is actually a rotation of 0. try 0.25 or so…

Uh… no. Didn’t know. And this applies to other nodes, too, I guess.
But then, why it changed, anyway? Cause I never entered any 0.x value.
BTW, it seems I have to study a lot.
I’ll try and repost, in case.
Thanks again!

good question, if you attach your patch, we can help you better…

Hi tonfilm,

I’ve just opened an useless 3D, that’s it, and that patch is gone, anyway.
After your post I surfed YT’s tutorials, and now I’m gonna download the other from the /documentation.
I found them really useful and clear.
Now I’m just Scared ;)
vvvv seems to be a powerful tool, but it needs to be studied in deep -eg, there’s a lot of stuff that should be memorized to have a decent workflow…
I hope to have the time to get practiced with it.
I’m going down in deep -err… lol- this evening, and I’ll rebuild that patch -it was so simple- and then post it here.
Thank you again, have a good day.

Hi everybody, this is my patch, and here’s the question:

why the thin spreaded quads that move in circle are so many? I can’t find why.

In the Inspector I found 31 slices, but they ain’t so much on the renderer, and I don’t understand from where came out the number 31, 'cause it’s a prime number.

Unless the 2 iobox, the color spread and the quad sum (and not multiply as I thought in prime) toghether > 10+10+10+1=31.

So, which is the best way to obtain ten rotating quads each with different color? Trying more tuts? Yes, I know ;)

Sorry 4 noobness.

Thank you.

the first (17.8 kB)

hi h99 , probably you connect some Spread nodes like linear spread to some pins then disconect and forgot about them , but the spreaded value remains in the pin . this is a normal behaviour of vvvv . If you want to reset to its original state you can do Alt+right click on the pin or the node to reset .

hover the mouse in the input pins and outputs to see the slicecount (how big the spread is ) . example in the lfo --> phase node you have a spread of 10 and then you spread it more with the linear so convert in 50 .

have a look at of spreads and slices it takes a little time to digest spreding world .

Hi, thanks! Very useful hints.

it seems there’s a link here,
of spreads and slices?”,
but it doesn’t work.

Anyway, I’m gonna try other solutions this evening, please come back to check!

Thank you.

@all: posting links to wikipages is now trivial. just copy the whole link from the browsers addressbar and paste it into your reply as is (where it will be automatically shortened): of spreads and slices

@h99 glad it helped , @joreg thanks for the info

Hi, I’m goin’ on with the YT tuts, and now I begin to have a general idea on how vvvv works.
I’ll try to follow the community as much as I’ll can.
Thank you all again.